Lowering The Drinking Age

In the US, the whole of 50 states have set the age limit to drink as 21 years which is higher than other countries. People are now of the opinion that lowering the drinking age to 18 years of age as people have the right to vote, to smoke and do other activities as they are considered as majors after 18 years. Though this is a highly welcomed suggestion by many youngsters there is still a debate going on whether it is good or bad. Analyzing the pros and cons of Lowering The Drinking Age would offer a good insight into the issue.

Pros of lowering the drinking age:

Mature enough to make decisions about drinking:

18 years makes a person mature enough that he is able to handle the important decisions in life like marriage, sign contracts, serve on juries and join military services.  So, a person might be able to handle his alcohol consumption ratio as he cares about his well being.

Lowering The Drinking Age

Lifting the prohibition of alcohol would diminish unsafe drinking activity:

When 18 to 20 years old are restricted from drinking alcohol, they resort to indulge in drinking at unsupervised locations such as home parties or fraternity houses which might lead to bingeing on alcohol or cause unsafe habits.

Traffic fatalities are higher among new drinkers of legal age:

Drivers between 2 to 24 years old are mostly prone to fatal accidents as their BAC is .08 or more. If lowering the drinking age is considered, it would decrease the rate of accidents as they get the taste of alcohol much earlier.

Fewer cases of drunk and drive where alcohol consumption is allowed for 18 years:

In countries where the legal age for alcohol consumption is 18 years, lesser cases of drunk and drive incidents are registered. This means Lowering The Drinking Age is much more beneficial as they are more responsible.

Having 21 years as MLDA does not restrict anyone from consuming alcohol:

Over 75% of the teenagers are known to break the law to consume alcohol just for the sake of the thrill. So, the motive behind the restriction of age just makes no sense at all.

Non compliance of the alcohol consumption law affects the attitude towards the state laws:

MLDA 21 requires the adults to show their ID proof to consume alcohol but in this era of technology, getting a fake ID with higher age details is not a difficult one. This will make the teenagers to lose their hope and respect about overall state laws.

Lowering the drinking age would benefit the economy of the country:

When the legal age is 18, more people would consume alcohol from legal shops, bars and restaurants. This will contribute to the revenue of the country as the tax revenue would be highly contributed.

Cons of lowering the drinking age:

Lowering the drinking age to 18 would be medically irresponsible:

Consuming alcohol at an early age would lead to interference with the front lobes of their brain which will hamper their emotions, organization and planning. This in turn would lead to addiction of alcohol, risky behavior, unable to make decisions, depression, violence and suicides.

Low age would lead to increased numbers in bars and pubs which are not safe:

Youngsters might tend to hang out with friend indulging in the alcohol which might be places that are not safe such as bars or nightclubs and would drive to their place. This might lead to lots of accidents.

Lowering the age of alcohol consumption would give free access to alcohol for school students:

One of the terrifying cons of this issue is that when the age is lowered to 18 years then middle schoolers and high schoolers would get free access to alcohol which is not at all favorable as it would lead to losing interest in studies and picking up bad and unsafe habits.

21 years old are more mature than 18 years old:

18 year olds would have an oscillating mind as they might be new to college, free from the clutches of their parents and when they get their hands on alcohol, it might lead to increased sexual activity, binge drinking and irresponsible behavior.